Do want to come on top of a Hen House?
Do you want to grow a feather?
Grow a tail?
Catch a cold/flu?
Eat a leg?
Eat feed grains in troughs—
Lay next to eggs—
Flap your wings and scoot?
How to have sex with a chicken
as a rooster-hen-person,
roll in the filthy hay and eat the pellets—
peck the beak—
have something to eat—
go to the store and buy a chicken—
price per pound
sautée giblets n fries
eat the greens
peck at the meat with knife and fork
tear the flesh—
hot, steamy—
no feet no beak no feathers—
use the bird—
decorate w/feathers
make a wish w/ wishbone—
snap it
throw the cartilage
into the trash
recycle the poop out our rectum—
make a compost and spread it out,
grow the corn—
grow the feed
in human shit.
Grind all the bones and beaks and
put it in the food.
Seminate the egg—
watch the hen and rooster
and get ready,
get prepared—
whet the stone,
cut the cake,
dive into the muffalletta sandwich lunch.


ripe w/ avocados
ripe w/ please
lettuce head poking up and
pushing aside throngs of pressed asparagus
grapes, vines,
our farmland's best—

do you want to have a henhouse
next to your garden patch
4 eggs?