I am totally blind in the eyes—
I have no sight at all.
But I have my other senses: my faculties of touch and hearing etc. are probably heightened in awareness over other people's.

It's naturally difficult, even impossible, for me to experience most works of Art.

Once I went to a museum with friends, but I may as well have been anywhere.
The works were all no touching.  It left me feeling dry.

No brail art books were on offer in the gift shop either.  There was however brail in the elevator which was minimally exceptable for my experience at the museum.

I do however enjoy listening to podcasts about art topics, art theory, etc.  And ultimately I think that conceptual art is dynamite pretty much.  Because, as I am listening to my screen reader, I'm poring over conceptual art documents and texts discussing conceptual projects and the fact that it often doesn't seem to matter what the end result is of the physical works — since I can't touch or see it anyway — it's the idea that counts.

I can really sink my teeth into the philosophy side of Art.  Other sides, not so much.

It is limiting to me, I can never fully appreciate/understand, Art.

I am a blind person.  Other human pursuits are much more rewarding to me.
 —sports— I like dribbling the basketball, horseback riding, —listening to music, enjoying literature with brail or Blind Readers.— Reading about science, doing mathematics, writing poetry— playing my clarinet and my cello, etc.

I get along fine with a nice rich human experience without art.

I also Love Fucking. 
I can't fully enjoy porn for obvious reasons, but I love the real thing.
Hiring escorts is a great pleasurable hobby of mine.  I start by sniffing their nice musky pussy, fondling and sucking the tits, etc.  The whole deal.  I also have a girlfriend.

I have a great life, lots of plans.  Travelling, eating, etc.

I have a job as a councillor for blind youth where I make good money.
I'm working on a book right now.