when I was in the cab ride
when I was in and out of school—
I used my train pass
I went shopping at MACY's—
I took no joke
when I travelled to the LOWER EAST SIDE—
I didn't trip when I saw SMELLY BUMS
on the BOWERY
because I was alive in the city—
and I was into what's what

I listened to the radio
I waited for the bus
back in the days I would use a token—
but now I use my card
I go to the museum—
I give a dollar to a street performer—
I might get a portrait drawn of me
I have a Chinese lunch—
what's going on in New York City
is that I'm riding on the SUBWAY—
I'm looking at all the ads
I look at all the people
and I don't know
what to think—

As a lyrical poet
and I'm walking in Central Park
I pour a little beer
I hope a cop doesn't see me
when I'm relaxing with beer
in the park—
in days past
I might smoke a cig—
but today my pen
is my weapon as I scribble
my musings on FIFTH AVE
I walk over to LEX
I can smell the money
the rich people smells
make me feel uneasy—

I can fix that with a fruit punch
and a slice of PIZZA
sometimes the lifestyle of New York
makes me sick!
but I'm still trying to reside
I get my groove on
especially in the VILLAGE