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SELECTED PAINTINGS, 2012--Peas n' Carrots; Apollonian; 2011--Frozen Chicken on Sculpture; Strom Pem, Stim-Ponero/View From an Upper Room; Night Trash; The USS Abraham Wizard; 2010--Wizard/Exclusive Picnickers on a Hill; Still-Life With Disconnects; Song-Dog and White-Tail Targets with Black Magick; Altar to Magical Thinking and Garbage Realities; Within the Range of His Ability; View off Wizard's Patio; Zebramaster; Lil' Trash; 2009--Triptych Table.  SELECTED WORKS ON PAPER, mix n' match.

APOLLONIAN, 12"x12", acrylic and pigment print collage on canvas, 2012.