Aye-Yo FUCK / Concepts in Installation, 2012.

This piece was created for a group show entitled Congrats, which opened in Kansas City's West Bottoms district in April of 2012. Organized by KCAI alums Sean Blott (of Bahamas Biennale) and Mitch Kirkwood, the exhibit featured something like 15 artists. Although there were some paintings, the show emphasized large sculptures and installations, and occupied a sprawling warehouse room. The opening turned into a huge party. I felt that it was a pretty strong group show. We got a write-up by Blair Schulman here.

While building the piece over the course of several days, often all alone in the space, I began to experiment with the rhythmic swearing and antics that led to the accompanying video. I shot the video alone in the middle of the night in the dark warehouse. The video played as a loop, projected from within the structure onto an adjacent surface: a foil-coated piece of insulation board. In addition to the sounds of splashing water that came from a fountain which occupied the lower-center portion of the piece, the repetitive outbursts of the video, Aye-Yo.. Fuck..--FUCK!.. ambiently filled the large exhibition space.